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6 Resources to Create a Website with a Super Low-Cost

If you are looking for the most affordable super low-cost method to build your website, then here are six resources to create a website you’re going to need without breaking

how to replace woocommerce product gallery with flickity slider
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How To Replace WooCommerce Product Gallery with Flickity Slider

Default WooCommerce product gallery raises the Cumulative Layout Shift problem. Although we can solve it by adding maximum height to the gallery element area, replacing it with a non-jQuery slider

how to fix cls issue on WooCommerce Product Page_c
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How to Fix CLS Issue on WooCommerce Product Page

Continuing from my previous post, I’m going to show you an alternative way to fix the CLS issue on the WooCommerce product page with an image gallery. Cumulative Layout Shift

WooCommerce Useful Snippets

WooCommerce Useful Snippets

Continuing my journey of developing my newest smartphone community and comparison website,, I list useful snippets for WooCommerce customizations. In some areas I want elements to be removed, or

Generatepress Useful Snippets

GeneratePress Snippet Collections

I list some of the most used snippets I use when building a website using GeneratePress theme. In certain occasions, some because of SEO purpose too, I have to get

Wordpress Security

How to Secure a WordPress Site

So many times I see people asking for help at the WordPress Indonesia Facebook Forum. Some of them ask why their WordPress site turns into japanese character on google search